Why Use Propane?

Propane Gas Tanks

According to the 2009 Residential Energy Consumption Survey, almost 85% of households in the United States use natural gas or electricity and more than 10% rely on propane. Propane users may be significantly small in US homeowners but there have been mix figures. A majority of propane users serve in rural areas while heating oil serves most households in the Northeast areas of the US.

For informative  reasons here are the most common questions asked by propane users:

Can you save money using propane compare to electricity?

Yes, you can save money by 30 percent a year just by heating water with propane. Based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s fuel prices studies and using the BTU (British Thermal Unit), the fuel heating value measuring process shows the cost of propane is less twice than electrical costs.

Or you may vary your choices of either you may change your source of fuel totally for your house or may combine electricity use and propane, either way, you still got a lot of savings on your household expenses.

Is propane safe in cooking food?

Commonly it has been perceived as a misconception by many that propane is sensitive and highly dangerous, making it unsafe for home use. The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) and the National Gas and Propane Association (NGPA) have set its standards with strict rules and regulations for certified companies to comply updated training and seminars, thus any licensed and certified company always assure its clients the safety standards with the highest level of priority. For informative purposes, any homeowner can detect a propane leak. Propane can be easily detected by its rotting eggs smell and devices like CO detector can alarm you if carbon monoxide levels have reached its limit. While for safety purposes, it is advisable to keep propane tanks under good annual maintenance by keeping it checked and cleaned by professionals.

Can propane be conveniently used anywhere?

Yes, versatile and convenient. Propane tanks can be delivered right at your doorsteps. Homeowners can fuel off ranges, ovens, boilers or any propane-fueled appliance at your convenience anywhere. When it comes to availability propane has an estimated 6,000 retail dealers all over the United States.

Can propane be used during emergencies?

Propane can be used for uncalled situations especially when there is no electricity around. Your neighbors are groping in the dark while you are enjoying watching your favorite movie,propane-fueled appliances
can be a life-saver.

By figures by how many are there propane users in the US?

Propane users are estimated to be more than 60 million Americans each year and possibly growing.

Other notable facts about propane :

  • Propane is 90 percent produced in the United States.
  • Propane is an eco-friendly fuel source.
  • Propane gas is highly non-toxic.
  • Propane is harmless to soil or water.
  • Propane is readily available in any sizes for different situational needs either for underground or above-ground.

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