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Propane Safety


  • Start early with planning for what could be a very cold and snowy Michigan winter! While propane is readily available in Michigan, you still need to ensure you have it available for your needs for cooking, heating, etc.
  • Propane is highly flammable, and regulations require the filling connection on your tank to be at least ten feet from the external ignition source, the ventilation source for a gas appliance, or any mechanical ventilation source.
  • If you should smell gas, extinguish any smoking materials or open flames – and do not operate lights, any appliances or phones, as flames or sparks from these sources can cause a fire or even an explosion.
  • If you should have a leak, report it to Dependable LP Gas right away – we know what to do and will be to your property quickly!
  • Be sure to comply with our regular maintenance check-ups, which will ensure you do not have leaky tanks or any other problems.
  • If you smell gas, shut off the gas source immediately!
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Our 24/7 emergency service will see to that, or for any problem you may encounter. Contact us today for your propane needs, and we’ll get you started! 1-800-465-9912

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Residential Propane

Delivery comes right to your home, no muss, no fuss for you, our valued customer.  Your choices drive our timely services.

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Commercial / Agricultural Propane

Whether your need is to power up a forklift, heat a business establishment, or perhaps provide a temporary heat source for your construction site, Dependable LP Gas Co. is your best answer.

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Pre-Buy Program

Guarantees a certain price per gallon on your season’s fuel. You pay for fuel now and we deliver as needed on a Keep Fill basis between sign-up and April 30th.

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Commercial / Agricultural Propane

Guarantees a certain price per gallon, on a Keep Fill basis between sign up and April 30th.

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