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Go Green

“Go Green!” is a common phrase shouted by some Michiganders when cheering on their teams, but Dependable LP Gas has also been shouting it loudly and clearly as well! Propane is definitely a plus to clean energy and taking care of our planet, and we would be happy to explain just how that happens! Best of all, over 95% of it is produced right here in North America.

If you want instant heat, propane is your answer. Whether it is heating water or the instant heat required for most cooking on a gas stove, propane is your energy-efficient answer – saving you money with its ability for instant heat. When the power goes out, too – you can still light your stove and cook!

It’s hard to imagine an energy source which can beat propane.   It’s environmentally sound, burning cleaner and working far more efficiently. Propane is a smart choice! “Green” effects include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protection for the environment and energy savings. You and your environment will both benefit!

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Our 24/7 emergency service will see to that, or for any problem you may encounter. Contact us today for your propane needs, and we’ll get you started! 1-800-465-9912

Service Areas


Residential Propane

Delivery comes right to your home, no muss, no fuss for you, our valued customer.  Your choices drive our timely services.

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Commercial / Agricultural Propane

Whether your need is to power up a forklift, heat a business establishment, or perhaps provide a temporary heat source for your construction site, Dependable LP Gas Co. is your best answer.

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Pre-Buy Program

Guarantees a certain price per gallon on your season’s fuel. You pay for fuel now and we deliver as needed on a Keep Fill basis between sign-up and April 30th.

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Commercial / Agricultural Propane

Guarantees a certain price per gallon, on a Keep Fill basis between sign up and April 30th.

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