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West Michigan Residential Propane Company

Installation and Delivery Perks

  • Free installation of equipment, no charge for tank leasing
  • You can opt to have up to 100 feet of copper tubing installed free
  • Post-installation and routine safety checks
  • Delivery options available – you choose!
  • Friendly and reliable service from our family-owned business
  • 24/7 emergency service

LP Propane Delivery Payment Options:

Automatic Refill

Easy for you – we take care of the servicing that ensures you will have the propane required for all your residential needs. This service is computer generated; our dispatchers are notified when your tank falls below a certain level and the automatic delivery is scheduled and promptly delivered. Once the brief sign-up and credit approval is obtained, your automated service will begin. This also does require that your account be current to continue with this convenient service.

“Will Call”

We require a 200 gallon minimum for this delivery payment option, but you do have the convenience of choosing to monitor your own tank and call us when you are at a level needing refill. Propane delivery service is done Monday through Friday, although during the winter we do offer Saturday service.

Putting it on a budget

We have some options for you here, too, including the capability of locking in a rate for a season, calculate expected usage, and go from there to establish monthly payments. Successful completion of this plan for a year will roll over to automatic enrollment in the budget plan for another year.

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Call Us 1-800-465-9912

Our 24/7 emergency service will see to that, or for any problem you may encounter. Contact us today for your propane needs, and we’ll get you started! 1-800-465-9912

Service Areas


Residential Propane

Delivery comes right to your home, no muss, no fuss for you, our valued customer.  Your choices drive our timely services.

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Commercial / Agricultural Propane

Whether your need is to power up a forklift, heat a business establishment, or perhaps provide a temporary heat source for your construction site, Dependable LP Gas Co. is your best answer.

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Pre-Buy Program

Guarantees a certain price per gallon on your season’s fuel. You pay for fuel now and we deliver as needed on a Keep Fill basis between sign-up and April 30th.

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Commercial / Agricultural Propane

Guarantees a certain price per gallon, on a Keep Fill basis between sign up and April 30th.

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