Holiday Propane Safety Tips

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What is propane?

Propane also is known as LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a liquid fuel stored under pressure. The propane is being vaporized to a gas before it leaves the tank. When mixed with oxygen, propane is highly flammable and can be ignited by a lot of sources. It includes open flames, smoking materials, electrical sparks, and static electricity. When propane comes into contact with your skin, it results in severe “freeze burn” or frostbite.

Propane’s safety features include is its unique smell-rotten eggs, a skunk’s spray or a dead animal. One of its sulfur-based compounds which is the ethyl mecaptan is added to the propane itself so that it can be detected when the propane is in use.

Summer is due over and Halloween sweets have disappeared. It means that the holiday season is finally here. Do not forget to take a few minutes to keep your family safe by pointing out possible issues before they arise as you make your plans for all the wonderful days that you are going to spend with them. Putting your family in safeguard from any threats and providing alerts can be of big help to you and your loved ones.

One of the most common related issues during the holiday seasons is deep frying a Thanksgiving turkey. To avoid this hazard, use propane that can be purchased in a commercial propane gas company in West Michigan and keep in mind these following tips:

  • Do not fry a frozen turkey
  • Never overfill a pot
  • When lowering the turkey into the oil, turn the flame off
  • Keep distance your deep fryer from you’re your house or any structure for safety
  • Keep a fire extinguisher close by when frying a turkey
  • Make sure there are no flames or sparks-put out all smoking materials immediately and other open flames. Do not turn on lights, electrical appliances, and phones. Flames or sparks can trigger an explosion or fire.
  • Leave the area immediately!-tell everyone to get out of the building or where you suspect the gas is leaking.
  • Shut off the gas-turn off the main gas supply. To close the valve, turn it clockwise.
  • Report the leak-call your propane dealers in West Michigan immediately. If you cannot reach them, call 911 or your nearest local fire department.
  • Get your system checked. Your propane service technician must first check your entire system to make sure that your propane tank is leak-free before you try to use your propane appliances.
  • To avoid damages of underground gas lines and tanks when digging or working on their premises, you must know where they are located. Notify your propane supplier before you dig.
  • Do not store propane cylinders or containers inside buildings.
  • Ensure that the regulator remains protected so that the operation will not be affected by weather disturbances.

If you have any questions or concerns about the safety and handling of propane, you may contact your nearest residential propane gas company in West Michigan or visit our website

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