What Makes Propane Safe?

Propane Gas Check Up

It is a fact that more than 95% of the propane used in our country is produced in North America! The safety, availability, and ease of having it delivered right to you to heat your home, power up your farm equipment or business makes propane a top-ranked energy source. LP, or liquid petroleum propane, is also nontoxic, colorless and virtually odorless, besides it will not harm your groundwater or soil.

Knowledge and proper understanding of basic safety measures to homeowners is a must.

One of the safety indicators of propane, a homeowner can detect is its unique smell – a skunk spray,  a dead animal or rotten eggs. Propane contains an Ethyl mercaptan, sulfur-based compound that makes propane detectable.

If ever a homeowner detect such leakage, though rare, if outside of your home – to do first is to verify there are no open flames. Secondly, leave your home immediately and go to a safe distance. Thirdly, call 911 to report such suspected propane leakage.

If inside your home and you detected propane leakage. First, do not touch the light switch making a turn on and off, or use a telephone, even a mobile phone to make a 911 call as it can make an ignition or a spark source. If you suspect it is safe enough to turn off the propane tank, do it by lifting the tank slid and turning off the gas tank by turning the valve clockwise. Stay away at a safe distance and call 911. Wait for trained professionals to clear for such imminent danger before going back to your house. Once everything is declared safe, let the qualified professionals turn on your gas tank and let them do everything in your house be normalized.

Most commonly neglected and important for safety hazard is never let your gas tank run out of propane. If a valve or gas line is left open when the tank has no propane, a leak can occur when the tank is filled. An empty tank can be infiltrated by air and moisture which builds up rust inside the tank. Moreover, rust reduces the concentration of the propane which makes it harder to smell. If you suspect the gas tank run out of propane, call the expert in propaneWest Michigan Gas Company @ 1-800-465-9012.

To have peace of mind, we recommend you to register with our automatic delivery to ensure you do not run out of propane and most importantly secure the safety of your family.

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